Terms and Conditions

1. Use of RC Hero Course Content

The RC Hero Course includes instructional videos, slides, flashcards, passage notes, quizzes, and other educational materials (Instructional Items). None of these Instructional Items is permitted to be reproduced, shared, modified, or distributed in any way. Students are prohibited from summarizing, selling, or otherwise revealing any of these Instructional Items to any other person or entity.

RC Hero Course students are bound to keep all RC Hero Course content confidential. 

2. Sole Purpose

By purchasing access to any RC Hero course, you certify that you are doing so for the sole purpose of increasing your chance of being accepted to law school via an improved LSAT score. You further certify that you are not acting as an agent of any company or individual (such as a tutor or test prep service).

3. RC Hero Course Copyright

All names, terms, and materials in the Reading Comp Hero Course are the property of Reading Comp Hero (DBA), with the exception of official LSAT®questions or passages. None of this property is permitted to be copied, shared, or distributed in any form. Any unauthorized use of RC Hero content may result in litigation by RC Hero.  

4. Failure to Possess or Maintain an LSAC LawHub Advantage Subscription

When purchasing access to the RC Hero Course, you are informed that LSAC requires you to possess and maintain an LSAC LawHub Advantage subscription in order to access official LSAT®questions or passages from any LSAT test prep provider, including RC Hero. Failure to possess and maintain an LSAC LawHub Advantage subscription will result in a suspension of your account until you purchase or renew that subscription.

5. Refund Policy

If, after completing the first pre-recorded RC Hero session, you decide that you wish to discontinue the course, you will receive a full refund. The following conditions apply: 1) You must request this refund within 7 days of purchase, and 2) you must not have proceeded beyond the Session #1 recording.