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Don’t let LSAT Reading Comp hold you back. With the right methodology, you can improve your RC performance.

A New RC Method Is Here

Have you noticed that there are really effective, systematic approaches for LG and LR? But not for RC? Not anymore. RC Hero has developed a groundbreaking and systematic approach to the RC section. The RC Hero method digs deep into the inner workings of LSAT Reading Comp, offering an understanding of the section you won’t get anywhere else.

Explaining the RC Hero Method

Reading Comp is more formulaic than many students realize. In that regard, RC is actually not so different from LG and LR. The RC Hero method teaches you how to tap into RC’s formulaic nature. It shows you the recurring patterns in the passages and how to leverage those patterns for more reliable improvement.

Students say the RC Hero method is

So, How Can You Get Access to the RC Hero Method?

I’m currently offering 2-week RC boot camps (both live and pre-recorded). The purpose of the boot camps is to help you learn the RC Hero method and see improvement as quickly as possible. Learn more below!

Introducing the RC Hero Boot Camp

Six 2-hour sessions spread over two weeks. 1-on-1 and pre-recorded sessions are available. Between sessions, you’ll get assignments from me to assist your mastery of everything you’re learning. You’ll also have access to me via email in case you need extra help with any part of implementation. As a bonus, you’ll get access to extra sessions and dozens of RC Hero videos/resources. 

Pre-Boot Camp
Pre-Boot Camp

Bring Me Up to Speed

You’ll fill out a form that gives me a clear picture of your current RC strengths, weaknesses, goals, and overall situation.

You’ll also have the option to complete a timed RC section using an LSAC “deep link.” If you choose to complete this step, it will provide me with additional data and insight into your situation.

Session #1
Session #1

Passage Type System

In this first session, you’ll learn about each of the passage “types,” how to recognize them as you’re reading, and what each passage type tells you about the main point, main purpose, and basic organization of a passage. We’ll work through example passages so you can practice correctly identifying a passage’s “type” and using the “type” as a shortcut for answering main point, main purpose, and basic organization questions.

After the session, I’ll give you a series of passages and RC questions to work through. You’ll have access to a video explainer, so you can check your work after completing the assignment. You’ll also have several exercises to complete before the next session.

Session #2
Session #2

Tracking Author Strategy

In this session, I’ll introduce you to the concept of author strategy tracking: what it is and why it matters. You’ll learn the 13 authorial moves that are used over and over again in the RC passages. I’ll show you how to use your understanding of the authorial moves to more quickly and accurately answer both global and local questions. As part of this session, we’ll work through a couple of passages together.

After the session, I’ll give you a series of easy, moderate, and difficult passages to work through. You’ll also get access to video explainers so that you can check your work after completing the assignment.

Session #3
Session #3

Answer Choice Analysis + Timing Tips

In this session, you’ll learn how to analyze answer choices more critically and effectively. Part of this entails working through a list of “answer elimination cues.” All wrong answer choices are incorrect because of one or more of these cues. Knowing these cues helps you to more carefully evaluate RC answer choices.

As part of this session, you’ll also get an introduction to RC Hero timing tips.

After the session, you’ll receive homework that helps you practice and master what you learned in the session.

Session #4
Session #4

Comparative Passages + Question Type Strategy

In this session, you’ll learn the RC Hero approach to comparative passages. Comparative passages operate very differently from standard passages, so it’s important to have an approach that’s attuned to the unique features of the comparative passage set. RC Hero students frequently report that comparative passages turn into “freebies” after learning the RC Hero approach to this part of the RC section. Before the session ends, we’ll work through 3 comparative passages together, paying special attention to each of the comparative passage question types.

After the session, I’ll give you a series of comparative passages to work through. You’ll also get access to additional videos and resources.

Session #5
Session #5

Question Type Strategy

In this session, you’ll learn about the rest of the question types and the RC Hero strategies for each of them. A crucial part of the session will be working through 2-3 passages together and the questions that go with those passages. This will give you the opportunity to practice implementing RC Hero strategy for attacking passages and effectively working through the questions and answer choices.

After the session, you’ll get a homework assignment and access to additional resources.

Session #6
Session #6

Attacking the Most Difficult Passages

In this session, I’ll show you how to effectively attack difficult science passages and difficult passages in general. We’ll also work through a law passage together. This session is a really important opportunity to practice implementing everything you’ve learned over the previous five sessions.

After the session, you’ll get access to additional videos and content.

Post Boot Camp
Post Boot Camp

Continued Support + Continued Growth

After you complete the boot camp, you’ll be able to attend bonus classes where we work through entire RC passages together (group setting over Zoom).

You’ll also get several weeks of continued access to key resources and videos. Furthermore, you’ll have access to several weeks of email support. If you run into issues or need help with a particular weakness, question, or passage, send me an email.

I'm confident you'll be impressed. That's why I offer aSATISFACTION GUARANTEE

If, after your first session, you’re not 100% satisfied with the quality of my strategies, I’ll offer you a full refund. See terms of service for applicable conditions.

What People Are Saying

Meet the Creator of the RC Hero Method 

Hey there, I’m Dustin! I didn’t expect us to meet like this. In fact, I never expected to get involved in LSAT test prep at all. As I prepared to take the LSAT, the last thing I wanted to do was keep working on the test after getting my final score. 

And the main reason I was so ready to be done with the LSAT was Reading Comp.

RC was supposed to be my best section—the one I wouldn’t have to worry about. Growing up, I was a huge reader, and I’ve always excelled in reading comprehension measures at school. So, if a section was going to give me serious trouble, it sure wasn’t going to be RC. Oh, how wrong I was!

Nothing about the LSAT is easy, so it’s not like LG and LR were walks in the park. But there were systematic methods for attacking those sections. As long as I put in the work, I saw the results. However, when it came to RC, it didn’t matter how much time I put in. My results wouldn’t budge. I tried out every strategy and recommendation I could find, and it didn’t make a difference. 

And that was a major problem because, after the pandemic, RC became the highest point section on the LSAT. So, I couldn’t do poorly in RC and still achieve my 175+ score goal.

But a couple of months before taking the August 2021 LSAT, I began noticing that I was encountering recurring patterns in the RC passages. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but something about the passages started to feel canned. My first instinct was to dismiss this perception. After all, the reading comp passages were the works of random authors, writing for disparate publications. Everyone knows that! So, how could the passages be as formulaic as this intuition suggested? 

As wrong as I had to be, I decided to do a little digging. I tracked down the sources that several passages were supposed to be based on. I expected to find the place where the test maker had performed the “copy & paste.” Instead, I found that, for most of the passages, there was very little resemblance between the RC passage and the source it was based on. The subject was the same but the prose was completely different. I couldn’t help but wonder aloud, “You mean the test maker wrote this?!” This discovery strengthened my confidence in the intuition that RC was more formulaic than I had thought. As I began dissecting the RC passages more carefully, my search for formulaic patterns began to produce results.

These discoveries helped me make big changes to my approach to RC. And those changes skyrocketed my RC performance. Within 3 weeks, I was finally scoring in the 175-180 range.

By the time I took the August 2021 LSAT, my insights and discoveries were still in their early stages. But after landing my 175, I began tutoring. This gave me the chance to spend hundreds of hours further exploring and enhancing my understanding of the patterns I had discovered in the RC section. As I pored through hundreds of passages, my early insights grew into what I now call the RC Hero Method. It’s an exciting new way of approaching LSAT Reading Comp that helps you leverage the formulaic patterns of the section. The RC Hero method offers for the Reading Comp section the same kind of systematic approach that already exists for LG and LR. 

One of the best things about teaching my Reading Comp method is seeing the RC section finally “click” for my students. There’s nothing like watching the excitement on students’ faces as I introduce them to game-changing insights about how RC works. I know what they’re feeling because I know what it’s like to spend months making no progress and being bombarded by completely unhelpful RC advice. After all of that, the RC Hero Method is such a breath of fresh air! The only thing better is beginning to see the hard results.

If you’re reading this, I’m guessing that you could also use a more effective approach to RC. Assuming that’s the case, I hope I get the chance to support YOU in your quest to improve your RC performance. Either way, I wish you the very best on your LSAT journey!

Dustin Phelps

 RC Hero Method Creator

If you’ve got any questions about the RC Hero Method or Boot Camp, feel free to send me a message!

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RC Hero Boot Camp

Satisfaction Guarantee: I stand behind the quality of my services. If, after your first session, you’re not 100% satisfied with the quality of my strategies, I’ll give you a full refund. It’s as simple as that.

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The RC Hero boot camp provides powerful, innovative insights that you won’t find anywhere else. Full stop. Take advantage of the RC Hero method, and let’s give your LSAT score a major boost!


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